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razor blades found during Bonita Cove Park

September 14, 2014 San Diego No Comments

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – A unfortunate find during a Mission Bay park — military contend razor blades were found planted in a grass. And it’s not a initial time this has happened.

Officials contend it’s been a occasionally problem, a final reported occurrence was in Apr when dual children were cut by razors in a same area.

“Anyone that was personification in that area could have gotten harm and it’s unequivocally sad. It’s unequivocally sad,” one parkgoer said.

Armed with rakes and steel detectors, parks and distraction employees searched Bonita Cove Park Saturday looking for some-more razors after a male called 911 around 11 a.m. to news observant dual adhering adult in a weed area located right subsequent to a children’s playground.

“Well, we consider it’s really upsetting. Irritating,” Jim Nugent said.

Jim Nugent was during a park with his 3-year-old grandson Curtis.

While he never saw a blades, his mother did observant it was apparent someone put them there on purpose.

“She pronounced it looked as if someone done a cut in a weed and upended a razorblade with a pointy dilemma protruding,” he said.

Not wanting to take any chances, military roped off both a weed and playground.

In total, 3 razor blades were collected. You can see decay on them — heading detectives to doubt how prolonged they’ve been there.

“The blades are rusted…it gets watered daily so we don’t know if it was leftover or if this is a new case,” San Diego military Lt. Eric Hays said.

This is a fifth time razor blades have been planted during a park.

In 2013, officers came here on 3 opposite occasions. But a final time they were here was in Apr of this year, when scarcely 20 razor blades were found in a accurate same spot.

Two children — a 7-year-old and 15-year-old — were harm in that case.

Fortunately, no one was harm Saturday. Regardless, relatives and kids are upset.

“I consider it’s a terrible thing to do to children, generally in a play area…you shouldn’t do that,” Maria McCombs said.

Police meanwhile, say they are actively operative this box and are assured they’ll make an arrest.

“We do share a same disappointment as a people that attend a festivities. It takes some time…we have detectives operative on it all a time,” Lt. Hays said.

Police did talk people, privately those with RVs who spent a night here to see if they saw anything suspicious.

One male pronounced he suspicion he saw someone in a weed area though no sum were offering over that.

Detectives will investigate a razor blades for intensity DNA evidence.

Originally published at http://www.cbs8.com/story/26525085/razor-blades-found-at-bonita-cove-park

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